Teachers: Tell Us Your Story

The average teacher in America makes $52,000. That is chump-change in comparison to the American Federation of Teachers’ executive leadership. AFT President Randi Weingarten makes more than $540,000 in total compensation annually. In fact, across the entire AFT national office, the average salary was roughly $100,000.

It’s worse than one-percent pay for union bosses. Numerous AFT local officials—including union presidents in the major cities of Washington, D.C. and Miami-Dade County, Florida—have stolen hundreds of thousands of dollars in member dues money and gone to jail. And a huge chunk of member dues money that doesn’t go straight into the pockets of union bosses goes to politicians: The AFT has vowed to spend upwards of $20 million on politics in 2014 alone.

Randi Weingarten is arguably the nation’s most hostile opponent to education reform. America’s children, parents, and teachers deserve better.

The education crisis in America is real and it’s time for the public to realize who is at fault.

AFTfacts.com has set up an anonymous dropbox for any potential whistleblowers who have significant information that could expose potential wrongdoings or acts of corruption Randi Weingarten and AFT leadership may be party to. We encourage you to utilize the anonymous dropbox below so you may upload any files without giving us your contact information. You can also use the form to simply tell us your complaints about the AFT.

If you would prefer to send us information through email, use [email protected].

Please know that we will review all received documents in good faith before disclosing anything to the public.

Thank you for your consideration in joining our movement. The education crisis in America is long overdue for reform.